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Majoring in the Minors

Deep down most of us know what we need to do to lose weight. But instead we try weight loss supplements, slimming teas, detoxes or cleanses, and read about that newly discovered African potato that "blasts belly fat" Even if we know that stuff is voodoo and we know we have to control our food, we still have a tendency to "Major in the Minors." We worry about gluten, sugar, low carb, bone broth, bulletproof coffee, and if that carrot is organic. It all simply DOES NOT MATTER for fat loss. It's easy to get distracted! There is a lot of money spent advertising saying you need the organic carrot or the next Sugar is Poisonz guidebook. In reality there are only a few things that significantly contribute to weight loss or gain. All the other stuff is just noise. You know all those weight loss success stories I post? Want to know to know my SECRET FORMULA I used for them? ▶️ Control calorie intake ▶️ Eat sufficient protein and vegetables ▶️ Base most of your food choices around whole and unprocessed foods (and make sure you enjoy the taste) ▶️ Move your body regularly Should I write a book? Those are the Majors. Don't Major in the Minors. The only Minors we should be concerned with are the how-to, strategies, and accountability to the Majors. Need help with that? Skip the teatox and hire a coach.

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