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There are 2 possible ways to avoid succumbing to emotional cravings.

1.  Bottle it up.

2.  Question their validity.

I think we all know that bottling it up is not the best approach!  Things we bottle up get stored and as we cram the bottle more and more full the pressure builds.  Eventually the bottle pops open and everything you stored in there comes pouring out all at once.

Acknowledging and questioning the validity of our emotional cravings, on the other hand, is a much better approach!  If we take a step back before having a knee jerk reaction, we will realize the craving is solely associated with the emotion and it does not belong with our current goals.

Rather than storing it for later, we defeat it in the moment!  And that is a...

What's the best way to finally lose the weight and KEEP IT OFF?

▪It's not doing more core workouts.
▪It's not cutting out carbs or sugar or meat (the current most trendy options).
▪It's definitely not doing a detox (please don't do a detox).
▪You won't find it in the latest diet book.

So what is it?

▪It's believing in yourself and not second guessing or over-analyzing.
▪It's allowing yourself to be perfectly imperfect while continuing to take action.
▪It's knowing that self-care includes discipline and planning to help take the stress off of future you, not just a spa day.
▪And most importantly, it's coming to terms with the fact that nothing else has control of your weight other than that thing between your ears.

Notice how there is nothing...

NEW DIET: 100% carbs!

Ok maybe it isn't new, but did you know in the 1930s a Duke University doctor treated overweight and obese patients with a very high carbohydrate diet. They lost huge amounts of weight eating fruit, rice, juice, and sugar. No joke.

One study showed 106 patients losing 140 lbs on average and improving everything from blood markers to diabetes eating nearly all carbs!

This was a recommended method for decades. Is this the next "new" diet? It honestly would not surprise me.

Everything swings between extremes because we gravitate toward extremes. We want to believe there is ONE thing that is causing our problem or that there is a government conspiracy. It's easier that way.

Currently the trend is that sugar and carbs are t...

You have to come to terms with the fact that you may not be ready to make a change.

At least not without a mindset shift.  Something I often hear clients say is that they "need to find the motivation" in order to plan ahead or eat better.  This may involve preparing some food ahead of time or reducing restaurant eating.

But do you feel like doing everything you do?  Like going to work, for example.  Maybe you actually want to go to work on some days, but you do it on all days even when you don't feel like it.  Even on those days when you'd rather relax in the sun or go grab a coffee and just hang out you still go because you want things that result from working.  Most of the time that want is money so that you can have a place to live and...

There are a 1,000 different things a person can do to lose weight.  

Marketing and fads and fear-based advertising have made it easy to get caught up in nuance.  What we really want is to go after the low-hanging fruit.

We want to answer the question: what simple changes can I make that will net me the greatest results?  And then we build upon that to keep results coming week after week.

That is what my programs are all about. I aim to intelligently design a simple system so you can avoid the fad-diet noise, pick that low hanging fruit, and see as much progress as possible. Does simple mean easy? No. Weight loss is not easy, but there is no point in making it more complicated than it has to be.

"Intelligence is not being able to regurgitate 1...

Do you ever notice how fitness people on social media are super fit and/or ripped?  Yet they are doing some weird 100 rep butt exercise.

"Nobody builds an Instagram body by doing Instagram exercises." -Ben Bruno

They don't look that way because they do high rep donkey kicks, I can tell you that.  Many of the people you see on there are genetically gifted (especially when it comes to the IG booty models) and look that way in spite of their workout, not because of it.

Ladies (and gents), if you want that toned/muscular Instagram body, you gotta put in the work behind the scenes and that means at least some resistance training.  Don't be afraid to approach the free weights area of the gym.  This is where the magic happens!  ✨✨

“I'm a foody, and have been to some of the best restaurants in the world. This Moroccan Style Spiced Beef is easily the equal of the best Moroccan food I've had anywhere.”

That is an actual review from a premade meal. Nope, it isn't one of those fancy $10 ones like Freshly. It's a frozen lean cuisine. Yes, LEAN CUISINE.

These are actually a great and inexpensive way to easily have lunch at work with zero prep, keep a stack of them in the freezer for emergencies like when you just realized you don't have any chicken and it's 9pm, etc. On their website you can select higher protein ones, higher rated ones, it's pretty cool! And many of them do actually taste good!

Lean cuisines probably seem like a has-been with all the cool new food services ou...

There is no rewind button.  ⏪

This applies to a lot of areas of life and it is especially true for fat loss.

I frequently hear of guilt and even punishment that people will do to themselves because of some food they ate or what they did over the weekend.

That is no way to live!  What's done is done, we learn from it and move on.  We cannot go backwards.  And for that reason we should not look back except to learn, not to regret.

If you messed up yesterday, last weekend, last month, or even the last 5 years, there is no time travel.  So you gained a few pounds, want to know the best way to get rid of it?  Stop dwelling on the past, take action today, and don't look back.

"You can't go back and change the beginning, but you can...

When I used to run more challenges I did something with the group called a Ulysses contract.

Do you remember the story of the Sirens?  The myth goes that when Ulysses, sailing back from the Trojan war, sailed past the sirens.  Knowing the dangers of the beautiful sirens he had his men tie him to the mast of the ship and then put wax in their ears so they could not hear his pleas to be released. He made a "contract" knowing he couldn't resist the sirens without being restrained.

The moral of the story here is that we cannot rely on willpower alone to make it through the toughest times or the biggest temptations.  The reason being that eventually even those with the highest willpower may break.

If your pantry is full of cookies that is jus...

How many of us experience stress? All of us!? Haha, I'll answer that for you.  YES. Has it impacted your goals?

Stress is one of the things we've been talking about recently in my Change For Life group, as part of a bigger conversation about mentalities and internal struggles which can get in the way of our success. Change, real sustainable change, starts from within.  The body follows the mind. fle

In discussing this topic I was reminded of something I read awhile back. There was an interesting study where researchers requested subjects do a complicated word puzzle. One group performed under time pressure, while the other was advised to take as much time as they wanted. After the puzzle was done, the subjects were told they had to do another...

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