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NEW DIET: 100% Carbs!

NEW DIET: 100% carbs! Ok maybe it isn't new, but did you know in the 1930s a Duke University doctor treated overweight and obese patients with a very high carbohydrate diet. They lost huge amounts of weight eating fruit, rice, juice, and sugar. No joke. One study showed 106 patients losing 140 lbs on average and improving everything from blood markers to diabetes eating nearly all carbs! This was a recommended method for decades. Is this the next "new" diet? It honestly would not surprise me. Everything swings between extremes because we gravitate toward extremes. We want to believe there is ONE thing that is causing our problem or that there is a government conspiracy. It's easier that way. Currently the trend is that sugar and carbs are the culprit. 30 years ago it was fat. Diets are trends. Everything has already been done before and is just on repeat. Just how we look back at the extreme low fat diets of the 80s and 90s now, soon we'll look back at the keto and carnivore trend and chuckle at how extreme many people took it. History has shown us that it repeats itself and inevitably some version of these diets will come around again as the fashion changes and undulates. ➡➡All these trends do is serve as a distraction from the consistent fact that every weight loss diet creates a calorie deficit in some fashion. And with reduced calories comes reduced body weight/body fat. That's it. So as you grow older and wiser are you going to continue going for the extreme trends? Will you tease your bangs like it's 1987 in 2027? Will you wear bright neon hypercolor shirts, put on your slap bracelet, or wear hammer pants? Or will you laugh at those extremes as you put on that timeless classic black dress or suit and realize how silly it is to go for the same trend every time it comes around. .......... Credit to Dr. John Berardi, this is derived from his original article on Precision Nutrition.

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