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Want to know the secret of the dramatic transformations I post every week? 🔐 It isn't skill or a high level of motivation. It is grit: simply the act of not quitting. 💯 Outperforming others in this arena is a game of endurance and attrition. Many times I see clients jump in with a goal of fat loss and they are gung-ho, ready to conquer the world like... yesterday! They try to do extra workouts and want everything to be perfect down to the gram, until it isn't. And when this happens it tends to suddenly go from 150% to 0%. 💥 I actually encourage these clients to slow down 🐢, to not be perfect, and pace themselves. I remind them to avoid the all or nothing mentality because in my experience the "all" tends to happen a lot less than the "nothing". I often use the old cliché: it’s a marathon not a sprint. 🏃‍♀️ ➡ If you had a goal of running a marathon can you imagine showing up on race day having never run before and taking off sprinting as fast as you could? It would not go well! And chances are high you’d not finish. Instead you want to practice, research training methods, or get a coach to guide you and optimize your results. On race day you'd have confidence, run with a smart pace, and then when things get tough you use your grit and tenacity to push through those last 10 miles. Apply the same approach to fat loss and you will make it. 🏁 🆑

PC: Dan Lao Photography

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