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Unguided Weight Loss

When we want to climb Mt. Rainier we don't just drive up there and start walking around Paradise Lodge in our flip flops and then get angry when we don't reach the summit. Of course not. We practice, we hire a guide, and then we climb the mountain one step at a time. We all have big goals and are well meaning, but when they are unguided our chances of reaching the end goal is greatly decreased. It's best to have a plan or a guide. Someone who has not only been there, but someone who is practiced at showing other people the way. Yet we often do the Mt. Rainier in flip flops equivalent with weight loss. We decide to go gluten free because our friend said it's healthy then we get angry when we haven't lost weight. Or we hit the gym hard 6x a week and get frustrated when we burn out or fat loss results stop coming. Practicing delayed gratification for a long-term goal is hard enough! Increase your chances of success by hiring a guide! Shameless plug: Have a weight loss goal and tired of starting over? I can be your guide! Check out my reviews, testimonials, and countless transformations. Give it a shot, you will not regret it. :-) PC: Crystal Madsen Photography H&M: Evelyn Mauro

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