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Do I have your attention now? haha

There are countless memes out there about tacos ruining your diet. But do they really?

Tacos get a bad rep! Sure, go to Jack in the Box and get the fully deep fried tacos and they're not so great. But tacos are actually really healthy and can be quite low calorie too. 😲

❓ Where can tacos go awry? Frying things in oil like the tortilla or meat, extreme fatty meats (like chorizo or non-lean ground beef), loading up with cheese (street tacos don't have cheese anyway!) and full fat sour cream, and using large tortillas that allow easily increased portion size.

💥 When I eat tacos, I have five! How do I do it? I use the "street taco" style corn tortillas. I use lean meats like shrimp, carne asada, or some cuts of pork. Fill it with onions, salsa, tomatoes, and some avocado on top. If I want sour cream I'll instead use plain greek yogurt and you can't even tell the difference. Total calories for five = about 500. Not bad at all for a huge plate of tacos! Yummm. 🤤

And if you love the crispy shells, they aren't so bad. They're about 80 calories each so just have two and you're good. They are bigger and can hold more than the small corn tortillas, though, so fill em with lettuce. 😃

Taco vans and Chipotles are everywhere, so if you find yourself stuck out and wondering about a good healthy meal then go get some tacos! For even less calories, make them at home. 🏠


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