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I Only Lost 5 pounds :-(

I only lost 5 pounds. :-( I see this sometimes when a person checks in or perhaps they are reluctant to submit results. They say, "Ok, here is my stuff, but I only lost 5 pounds." The Biggest Loser phenomenon, magazines, and ads claiming massive weight loss in just 2 weeks have skewed our perception about what is good progress and what is even possible within the realms of reality and health. Ask someone who has lost significant weight (and kept it off) how they did it. I can guarantee you they will not tell you they did it with the "Lose 20lbs in 2 weeks" weight loss soup they saw on the cover of Women's World or magic pills recommended by Dr. Oz. 5 pounds is a lot of fat to lose! So the next time you find yourself saying "I only..." stop yourself. Give yourself some credit. You're doing it the right way and doing it for good. Celebrate your wins!

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