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The other day I was watching Jeopardy 🤓 and Trebek was asking one of the contestants about his weight loss. He'd recently lost 80 lbs. and Alex asked him how he did it.

This is the host of Jeopardy. A man exposed to a wealth of knowledge and trivia on a daily basis and obviously a very smart guy, and he was genuinely curious as to how this man had lost 80 lbs.

😬 It actually put me on the edge of my seat too because I wanted to see how this contestant responded!

He said, "Just what they always say. I watched what I ate, ate less, exercised some, and that's it."

"Just what they always say."

That part stuck out to me because that is what they always say! Yet nobody wants to believe it, even Alex Trebek seemed surprised that he had such a simple method. There are all these crazy 'fixes' out there attempting to shortcut the system and we want to believe in them because the truth tends to be more difficult.

--> If we are gaining (or not losing, if that is the goal) then we are eating too much. Period. 👇

Yes there are ways to make eating less easier and more consistent like coaching, accountability, food choices, and habits. In the end if we just consistently do "what they always say" then it will happen.


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