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We all remember dating, right? haha When we first start seriously dating someone most people aim to impress. There are frequent and sometimes over the top nice gestures, extra effort, fancy dinners, flowers, or gifts. I equate this to the fat loss phase of a body transformation. It's very exciting! Then as time goes on maybe you get married. Years pass. Naturally we fall into comfort with our partner and all that beginning-of-the-relationship hoopla slows down. I equate this to keeping your body after losing weight. Now this is where it gets tricky... Your "relationship" can head one of two ways. You can continue to work on it. Or you can get complacent. One results in a happy relationship that only gets stronger with time. Just like you get fit and stay fit if you keep working on yourself, being kind to yourself, exercising, and eating well. The other results in a dying relationship. One of complacency. Eventually your partner may walk away because you are no longer the person you were. Just like your weight loss will walk away if you stop giving it the attention it deserves.

Fitness is a lifelong relationship that must be nurtured forever. If we take that mentality when losing weight instead of treating it like a one night stand, we'll be much happier in the long run. <3


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