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3 Steps When Stuck

3 step process to losing weight when you're stuck: 1. Acknowledge you're not broken, don't have a slow metabolism, and it's not food sensitivities. 2. Accept that somewhere in your day you are eating too many calories without realizing it. 3. Be open to changing your habits (sleep, alcohol, stress, etc). These are 3 very simple steps, but represent some of the biggest road blocks to weight loss that I see. I attempt to make weight loss as simple as possible for my clients. I don't include unnecessary fluff that wastes time or effort and every habit or process we go through has a specific purpose or else I remove it. It's natural to resist change even subconsciously! But my most successful clients are those that fully embrace the process. That starts with not having the cloud of doubt hanging over your head that something is wrong with your body. Once you realize that you DO have control of your body then you can really make change happen. 💪

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