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There are two different mentalities when it comes to eating for a lean body goal.

Mentality 1️⃣. I will restrict my food until I lose the weight. Mentality 2️⃣. I will be responsible with my food and change my habits.

Mentality 1 is that of a crash or serial dieter. They want to achieve weight loss as fast as possible with as little thought as possible. These people tend to cut out carbs, cut out sugar, cut out gluten, or try whatever diet is trending.

Mentality 2 is of those who lose weight and keep it off. Habits are the way to lasting weight loss.

If we lose the weight using restriction of food types or food groups, what happens when the diet is over? We dump those methods and go back to our old habits and the weight comes back. 😭

Our habits are what created our current body. If we do not change our habits, then even the best temporary result means nothing in the long run because our habits are what ultimately shape us.

When we create new habits through a proper nutrition program, we must also maintain those new habits forever in order to maintain our new body. Because that is what got us there, that is will what keeps us there. This does not mean cut calories or be on a diet forever. It means things like:

-More meals from home -Proper portions and more filling options -Moving our body regularly -Sleeping 7+ hours per night -Being intentional and crafting our food environment

📈 Notice how these things ADD to you, instead of taking away. This is not restriction; it is just what being healthy looks like.

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