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Door #1 or #2?

We already know that any type of diet can "work" to lose weight. Even keto... ugh, there I said it. Haha. Every weight loss program out there in some way or another creates a calorie deficit and you can lose weight because of that fact. But choosing the diet you like is the easy part. The key is sticking to it, whatever it is. Because if WE don't work, then IT won't work. Right? But therein lies the challenge. Each day, each hour, and several times in that hour we are faced with a decision. 🚪 Door #1 is stick to your program. 🚪 Door #2 is do not. It sounds simple because in theory it is. Always pick Door #1, duh. But what if Door #1 is blocked by a big table full of your friends inviting you drink with them? What if it's blocked by a big steamy pile of stress? What if it's blocked by the fog you're in from sleeping only 4 hours last night because your 2 old was sick? There are tons of reasons someone or something might be blocking Door #1. Some are bigger than others, so it is our job to get strong and efficient at removing those hindrances as best we can. We also know that many hands make small work so enlist the help of a coach and supportive friends and family. Results you achieve are not because you simply purchased a food or workout plan. Weight loss and fitness is one thing that cannot be purchased like a new car. Instead every time you choose Door #1 over Door #2 it has a powerful influence on your results. The reality is you will not always pick Door #1. I help people do this all the time; it is my job. But in the end it is up to you to make the small choices again and again and again until all they add up to big results.

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