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Treat It Like Your Job

Treat your fat loss goal like your job. You don't often skip work, right? You may not love it every day, but you do like the results. A paycheck which results in a place to live and food for you and your family, and perhaps a nice vacation. What would happen if you treated your job like you treated your diet? Constantly late or just not showing up, slacking off, calling in sick with excuses... You'd get fired! No paycheck (no weight loss), which leads to no money for vacation (not getting the aesthetic you desire) or if it carries on too long you'll have no money to buy groceries or pay the mortgage (poor health for you and your family and eventually doctors and hospitals and early death). We all generally know what we need to do, but we don't do it because we don't take it seriously. But this is serious. Treat it how you treat your job or you may get fired.

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