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Can you over-exercise your "Decision Muscle"?

Often times we try to get fancy and think we need variety with our food every day, but high variety is actually the enemy of habit and automatic weight loss. Dietary variety, in excess, is proven to increase food intake. (1) When we eat mostly the same every day, we don’t have to think. It conserves our creative energy and our “decision muscle” for other parts of our day. We are left with more willpower. 💪 We’ve all had those days where we get home from work and simply do not want to think about what to make for dinner. 😩 Our decision muscle is toast. Restaurant food, take-out, or uncontrolled snacking typically ensues. 👉 It’s best to plan ahead so we simply don’t have to think. Take some specific time on Sunday to plan a new lunch for the week to keep things interesting. Have a rotation of go-to dinner meals that you love. Introduce a new meal once in a while, but don't feel the need to have a completely new meal for every meal every day. It's unnecessary and actually detrimental to most people's weight loss goal. (1)

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