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An Actual Check-In

Below is an actual excerpt (no edits) from my reply to a recent client check-in and what actually happened because of it:

"Want to know what helps the most, in my experience, over the years? Action.

Those who avoid overthinking and take consistent action have good results. The results create more motivation and it compounds into even more results. They don’t try to bend the rules or do it most days or try to make some parts of it work while holding onto old parts of their life they don’t want to give up. Literally less thinky more do-y. Those people are highly successful. They don’t consider it an option to do anything otherwise. This doesn’t mean it is easier for them, they just do it anyways and it can suck at times but its also not the end of the world and then boom, suddenly they are so much closer to their goal in a far shorter period of time. They don’t worry about deadlines or preconceived notions of how much weight they should lose per X period of time or why is this taking so long or any of that. They just go. Those thoughts enter their minds, but they just keep following the system and it pays off."

This client was struggling with self-sabotage and motivation. We talked more outside of this, but the main points are:

--Less thinky, more do-y. Be flexible. Don't overthink it or get mired by preconceived expectations or timeframes.

--Instead of Motivation -> Action -> Results, go for Action -> Results -> Motivation -> Repeat. Action leads to motivation rather than the other way around.

Here's the cool part! As an cancer survivor ♥ this client is not new to struggle, but weight loss is not easy! She took the advice above to heart and it clicked for her.

After being stuck and growing frustrated with self-sabotage, this one mental shift has led her to losing 6 lbs in the last few weeks alone! She just had her "aha!" moment. :-)


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