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Coronavirus is causing havoc around the world and in our own neighborhoods. Our routines are messed up, a lot of us are prevented from working, and a lot of us are now under shelter-in-place laws. It's easy to feel afraid and incredibly powerless in times like these. I get it. But here's the good news... We have a choice in how we respond to everything happening around us, and therein lays our power. We can draw the blinds, binge on tubs of Ben and Jerry's in front of the news each day, sleep the days away, and cower from the sound of the mailman's footsteps. That's a choice. OR We can Facetime with friends, involve our kids in a game of tag in the backyard, try a new nutritious recipe for the family, or turn up the music for an impromptu living room dance! ALL of this 👆 is safe social distancing, and the virus doesn't care which choice we make so go with the one that brings you the most joy!! It's all about perception, are you rich or poor in your circumstances? Look for the opportunities during this challenging time, I bet you'll find some. Get outside your comfort zone, while staying inside your comfort zone. 😉 I'm learning to unicycle. 😁

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