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The Table Next to the Bathroom

The Table Next to the Bathroom You've probably experienced this before. You're at a busy bar or restaurant with friends and the only table is right next to the bathroom. It's a tiny table with one high stool and one low chair and people keep bumping into you as they walk by. It smells. It's annoying, but you order your food or drinks and everyone sort of settles in. Two people awkwardly share one small stool, others stand. It detracts from your experience. Then it happens! A table opens up, it even has 4 nice chairs and a view of the game on TV that you came to watch in the first place. But the group mentality has become complacent. Everyone looks longingly at the table and they all think it would be much better spot, but they kind of mumble and waffle...You don't act, another group moves in and the table is gone. I feel this happens a lot in life. We get into miserable situations, and then we languish in them because we are unwilling to take action. We complain about it, say it's unfair, and then we do nothing. We become complacent in our misery. Losing our job, gaining too much weight, getting in a car accident. There are many things that may not directly be our fault. BUT they are our responsibility. Nobody is going to solve our problems or change our body for us. Life isn't fair, so we cannot give up and be a victim to our circumstances. Some of the best transformations I highlight on this page are stories of overcoming adversity behind the scenes. Most people struggle. That's why they come to me! I help them see that improving their body and health is possible. And I applaud them for taking the initiative to reach out for help. Like I mentioned, nobody solves our problems for us but that certainly doesn't mean we have to go about solving them alone! Reach out to friends, hire a coach, get an accountability buddy, surround yourself with like minded people. I see it every day that people surprise themselves and cannot believe what they are capable of. It's what makes me do what I do! It is truly life-changing when my clients experience that "AHA moment" and it gives me goosebumps just thinking about how many times I've seen it. So next time you have the chance to leave the metaphorical table next to the bathroom, don't hesitate! The opportunity may pass you by.

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