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True Change Comes from Within

What's the best way to finally lose the weight and KEEP IT OFF? ▪It's not doing more core workouts. ▪It's not cutting out carbs or sugar or meat (the current most trendy options). ▪It's definitely not doing a detox (please don't do a detox). ▪You won't find it in the latest diet book. So what is it? ▪It's believing in yourself and not second guessing or over-analyzing. ▪It's allowing yourself to be perfectly imperfect while continuing to take action. ▪It's knowing that self-care includes discipline and planning to help take the stress off of future you, not just a spa day. ▪And most importantly, it's coming to terms with the fact that nothing else has control of your weight other than that thing between your ears. Notice how there is nothing in here about any product, specific type of food, or fixing your slow metabolism (myth btw). I don't just say sh*t like this because it sounds cool. I've coached a lot of people over the years and I can tell you that if you aren't prepared to make a mental shift and to accept responsibility for everything that is required to lose weight (even if it isn't your fault), then you will not lose weight. I help people find the path of least resistance, but true change comes from within and you alone have the power to realize that change. 2020 is here so go out and get it.

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