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There are a 1,000 different things a person can do to lose weight.

Marketing and fads and fear-based advertising have made it easy to get caught up in nuance. What we really want is to go after the low-hanging fruit. We want to answer the question: what simple changes can I make that will net me the greatest results? And then we build upon that to keep results coming week after week. That is what my programs are all about. I aim to intelligently design a simple system so you can avoid the fad-diet noise, pick that low hanging fruit, and see as much progress as possible. Does simple mean easy? No. Weight loss is not easy, but there is no point in making it more complicated than it has to be. "Intelligence is not being able to regurgitate 1,000 facts. It’s about being able to simplify the complex and determine the one thing that makes the biggest impact." -Bill Hartman

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