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Lean Cuisines

“I'm a foody, and have been to some of the best restaurants in the world. This Moroccan Style Spiced Beef is easily the equal of the best Moroccan food I've had anywhere.”

That is an actual review from a premade meal. Nope, it isn't one of those fancy $10 ones like Freshly. It's a frozen lean cuisine. Yes, LEAN CUISINE. These are actually a great and inexpensive way to easily have lunch at work with zero prep, keep a stack of them in the freezer for emergencies like when you just realized you don't have any chicken and it's 9pm, etc. On their website you can select higher protein ones, higher rated ones, it's pretty cool! And many of them do actually taste good! Lean cuisines probably seem like a has-been with all the cool new food services out there now. This just shows the tools are available and have always been. Nearly all diets and diet products on the market are just rehashed stories with a few minor tweaks that probably don't matter. Tools and methods are obviously an important part of any project, but what truly counts is principles.

  • Methods - Macros, keto, low carb, low fat, high fat, vegan, clean eating, blah blah

  • Tools - Premade meals, nutrition plans, apps, protein bars, coaches

  • Principles - I'm not a person that eats while hiding in the pantry. I like to fuel my body and feel good. I do not pretend that weekends don't count. I bring my lunch to work.

Principles matter more than any method or tool, even more than Lean Cuisines! What tools can do, however, is help you stick to your principles. Forgot your lunch on the counter when you left for work? Lean cuisine from the freezer to save the day! :-D -I am not sponsored by Lean Cuisine! lol

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