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Account Balance

What if we treated our bank account like we do our eating? I saw this the other day and I can't remember where, but how would you respond if someone came to you and said: --> "I never check my account balance. I don’t even really know how to check it anyways. I think I am pretty good about not overspending, but I checked tonight and my balance is -$1500.00 and I have overdraft fees! I don't know how this happened because I buy things intuitively in moderation. I never felt like I had to know my balance. I still don't think I need to check my balance, I just need to watch what I buy.” This can be related directly to our figurative daily calorie bank account. We have a set amount to spend each day and if we overspend we get charged overdraft fees (more body fat). The reality is things "cost" more than we think and we have less "money" than we think. Our hunger cues and cravings may try to tell us otherwise, but how has that intuition worked out so far? Has it helped you reach your weight loss or physique goal? Maybe you need to hire a financial planner. :-)

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