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$10 million dollars

$10 million dollars is locked inside a metal box. You can have this money if you can get into the box, but the catch is you're out in the forest. There are no blow torches or hack saws available. What do you do? My guess is you would not give up just because you don't have the ideal tools to make getting into the box easier. You are going to bash it with rocks, drop it off a cliff, make tools, and whatever else you need to do to make it happen! So why is it different when it comes to our fat loss goals? We say we'll do anything to lose weight, but things hardly ever go as planned and your fat loss is usually locked in that metal box. The awesome client success stories I showcase on my FB page every week still made it happen and the difference maker is they kept going in the face of struggle. They found a way, and they may have had a little help from that figurative blow torch. 😉

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