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Carbs in Beer and Wine

We've all seen the ads. "Miller Lite: only 3.2g of carbs!" Or "FitVine wine: 90% less sugar!" Sweet! Miller Lite and FitVine Wine are basically calorie free! Drink up. Not exactly... Alcohol - "The Other Macro" The carbohydrate content of beer and wine is of minor consequence because carbs only make up a few calories of the total calorie content. The majority of calories in beer and wine comes from alcohol. Yep, alcohol, not carbs. Alcohol is known as the other macro because it is another source of calories that is different than the three we are familiar with: carbohydrate, fat, and protein. Most calories in your beer and wine are not from carbs. There are 7 calories in every gram of alcohol. So the calorie content of your beer or wine is highly dependent on it's % alcohol content rather than the carb content. That's why Light beer has many less calories than regular beer or craft beer. Why do companies like Miller Lite and FitVine Wine advertise their low carb content? Because marketing 🐂💩. They are cashing in on the current carb fear trend and keto craze. FitVine wine is nothing more than overpriced regular wine with a fitness logo on it. But it has 90% less sugar! 🍷 Regular Cab = 0.8g sugar 🍷 FitVine Cab = 0.1g sugar Their claim is true. It does have 90% less sugar. It saves a whole 0.7g 🙄 Try asking them about why this minuscule

difference matters and your comment gets deleted and you immediately get banned from their page (ummm, that happened to... a friend, lol). ✅ Now next time you see an ad for wine or beer listing their low carb content, you can know that it's just marketing. If you truly want to save a few calories while still enjoying a drink then any light beer or wine is a good choice. Don't fall for the marketing gimmicks.

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