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Shout Out

Shout out to all the bleary eyed, small business owners, goal chasers, and fitness gainers. To all those going to school, working night shifts, and hitting the gym at 5am or 9pm and everywhere in between. Running in the cold. Setting alarms. Cooking meals for the week late Sunday night. Making it happen. Making it a priority. Making it better for future you. Remember WHY you are doing it and you can silence all those who pass judgement. Remember that anyone who has already been through it would not judge you. They would just give you a nod of understanding. Only those living in fear of the unknown will criticize what you are doing because they have never been there themselves. You don't have to apologize to these people. They may poke fun, try to sabotage, or try to bring you down a level, but you won't let it happen because you are preparing to fly.

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