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Your Remodeled Body

You're ready to lose weight! Awesome! So what should you expect when you get a coach? Your end goal is to lose weight, look great, and feel great. Basically you want to be a shiny new remodeled kitchen! But right now you've got yellowed linoleum, fluorescent tube lighting, and stained formica...haha So let's think of weight loss like remodeling your kitchen. 🏠 First it's out with the old cabinets, counters, floors, and appliances. Then you start with the basics like fresh paint and a new floor. Next add nice new cabinets and shiny counters. Lastly you finish with the touches like lighting, fixtures, and trim and your kitchen is complete. ✔ Not so fast... ⏳ This takes time and probably more time than was projected (isn't that always the case!). You may run into snags, the wrong cabinets get ordered, you have to repaint because you picked a color that no longer matches. But you keep going anyway. You're going to get this done! Finally, it's complete and it was totally worth it! 🙌 When you started the remodel process, you probably hired a contractor and thought of the new kitchen as the product you were buying. But you don't just buy a new kitchen and put it in like screwing in a light bulb. 💡 You have go through all the steps (including some backward steps) and spend the time to get it done right. This is the same with the weight loss and coaching process. Your "remodeled body" is achieved by trusting the process, learning, communicating and receiving support from your coach, and continuing to press on even when things don't go as planned. Lastly it is spending the time required to finish. You wouldn't leave your kitchen unfinished without a refrigerator or countertops, so why should we do this to ourselves? Hang in there. 💪

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