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How do we know there's no shortcut?

How do we know there’s no secret pill or shortcut to weight loss that actually works?

Because a massive company would already own it and be exploiting the hell out of it. 🏭 But that isn’t the case. Fitness and weight loss is a multi-billion industry, and there are countless businesses and individual professionals out there. How many small businesses or individuals are out there making cars, smart phones, or computers? Certainly not many and that is because a few huge companies have perfected the process and mass produce those products. 🚗💻📱 But true lasting weight loss isn’t something that can be mass produced and sold in a box. Sure they’ve tried, and probably made a lot of money from it (imo by being misleading 😒), but those products don’t last because the results don’t last. There is no revolutionary product or epiphany there. Giant companies have tried to replicate the process of change with products, but they’re finally and slowly discovering that it is individualized coaching, being part of a supportive community, and having an experienced coach to guide you that is truly effective. This is something that trainers and coaches have already known for a long time. We’ve already been out there listening to each person, being there, truly caring, and helping people one-on-one for years. 🌱It is a grass roots effort going on throughout the world. People like me coaching nutrition, or your local crossfit gym or bike club or yoga studio helping people have fun while being active, one person at a time. There is no revolutionary product or epiphany because true change cannot be mass produced. The epiphany has to occur within each individual’s mind. This is why I believe COACHING is the best way to lasting change. Thank you for believing in me and for believing in yourselves. Have an awesome Wednesday. <3

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