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Can't afford to lose weight?

The main reason, in my experience, people cite cost as why they cannot prioritize their health and start their fat loss journey is not truly because they cannot afford it, but rather because they are not confident they can do it. It’s a matter of self-confidence. If they actually believed they would succeed, then there would be no hesitation to spend the money. If there was a magic pill that brought guaranteed results, they would pay absurd amounts for it! This is why pyramid schemes, body wraps, detoxes, cleanses, and ridiculous weight loss supplements continue to exist. People will shell out money because it places confidence in the item rather than themselves. The funny thing is, if they have or gain the self-confidence they can do it, they tend to do it. Barriers mainly exist in the mind. I do a lot of coaching on this aspect for that reason. I know that EVERYONE has the ability to succeed if they just believe in themselves. This is how we achieve true and lasting change.

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