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If I said you could fix something in only 1/4 the time it took to break it, that sounds pretty good right? If you think about it, that’s pretty fast! Get in a car accident and smash your front end… takes about 2 seconds, but it takes the shop 2 weeks to get your car fixed and back to you. Your puppy running into the house with muddy feet takes about 10 seconds, but it takes an hour to clean the floor and the carpets of the mud stains. We accept these times as normal. It’s just what is required to fix those things. Yet, when it comes to weight loss why do our expectations differ? If it took us 2 years to gain 30lbs, then why do expect it to be gone in 2 weeks? There are no shortcuts to true change. We wouldn't trust our car and safety to a shop that takes shortcuts. So why do we trust our bodies and our health to cheap and ineffective weight loss pills, shakes, and quick fixes? Puts things in perspective…

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