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You Make Your Workouts


Nobody can program intensity into your workouts. That is something you bring!

And I'm not just talking about how hard we're breathing. There are other methods.

What are they?

You know how certain exercises you can really "feel it"? Studies have shown that striving for the mind-muscle connection to the target muscle(s) in all lifts even at lower weights brings more muscle growth.

So what about when we're traveling and only have mom's pink 3lb dumbbells?

There are several options:

  • Higher reps

  • Extra squeeze and pause at the contraction of every rep

  • Combination movements involving bodyweight and weights. Don't tell me a set of 10+ man-makers at 3lbs is easy!

So what does this picture have to do with it?

I am doing several things here in my hip thrust. I am bringing intensity with extra contraction and long pauses at a lower weight than normal. And I am using mind-muscle connection and focusing on contracting my glutes.

The major key to getting stronger and muscle hypertrophy is progressive overload. That can be accomplished with more weight or more reps, but bringing intensity like I described above is another important way.

Keep lifting, my friends. :-)

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