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Find your Fitness Love

Do you hate your exercise regimen? But you keep doing it because it is what you are "supposed" to do? I encourage you to branch out and find your fitness love. In my opinion there is no one best form of exercise because everyone is different! Find something you enjoy whether that be walking, biking, hiking, crossfit, lifting weights, or whatever! Try different things, keep it interesting! Still, it won't be every day that want to go to the gym, run, bike, crossfit, swim, or whatever it may be. But if you like it most of the time and you like how you feel after then you will keep going and that is what matters most! I encourage everyone to try different forms of exercise not only to find what you love, but to just mix it up. You never know, maybe you'll find something else you really like to do. The great thing is that the more you try, the more you can celebrate your new levels of fitness. Discover what your awesome body is able to do for you! I attended a CrossFit competition (benefitting Toys for Tots) this past weekend to watch friends and clients compete. Their fitness love is CrossFit. They celebrated their body's ability to move by competing against 38 other teams and working their muscles until they couldn't possibly do another rep and their lungs burned and they wanted to quit. And doing that 4 times in a single day! They ended the day feeling exhausted, happy, and accomplished. Congratulations to Jeff, Casey, and Amanda (pictured below) for giving it their all this weekend and celebrating their own fitness love.

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