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Mindset, does it matter?

MINDSET We hear this all the time, but does it really matter just to lose some weight? After years of coaching hundreds of different clients from all around the world, I would yell from the rooftops a resounding YES! MINDSET 1: I wanted to lose 10lbs this week, but only lost 2lbs. This is impossible! I'm just not cut out for this. MINDSET 2: I just have to keep doing it. There will be off days but just have to go back on track and enjoy my exercise. Mindset 2 is something that is typically developed over time and often requires coaching. We are constantly bombarded with media and advertisements promising instant results. They sell to our hopes and fears, but as the saying goes we can't expect to walk 10 miles into a forest and walk out in 2. Developing the no race, no finish line mindset is when I see clients have the greatest long term success. I want to end with this quote from long-time fitness coach and author Scott Abel that just resonates with me. "If you let go of the attachment to what you think the results of exercise and diet should be, then you will probably eat healthier than on any diet you’ve previously followed. And you’ll probably exercise with more joy and vigor than on any previous program you expected to deliver you to the promised land. Forget about some magic finish line with numbers and percentages. There isn’t one. Honor, respect, and treat your body well, simply because it makes sense to do so and because that is who you want to be."

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