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Eating Like Your Significant Other

You cannot eat like your (larger) significant other. Well I mean, you can, but if you want to lose weight you shouldn't! -If your sig. other weighs 200 lbs and you weigh 160 lbs and want to lose weight, it is likely you need to literally eat HALF of what they do. -If you want to stay the same weight as you are now you can eat about 2/3. -And if you often eat the same as them you will eventually weigh the same as them. This is especially true for restaurant meals! I actually see this quite often that couples weigh nearly the same as each other. Unfortunately, the smaller/shorter partner typically has much more body fat. This is one area of the relationship where you should not split things evenly. Quick way to implement? If you're dishing up two plates, fill theirs first, then take half of everything you just dished up for them and put it on your plate, then refill their halves. Or use a kitchen scale. Trying to eyeball half straight from the pan leads to way more than half, so don't try it. :-) This can be an easy way to begin a weight loss goal without having to focus on details, even if you just start with dinners.

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