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Why I don't sell products or supplements

I've been contacted by many people looking for me to become their next "team member", or affiliate, and I have never done it. Why? Because I don't sell products. I sell results and I do that through coaching. I want clients to be able to achieve results without being attached to a product. And I believe supplements have a very minimal effect on those results. I want them to be able to carry their new habits for their lifetime and I want to provide them timeless advice. Products and supplements come and go. I want people to know that I am providing them with unbiased advice, not trying to promote a product to make some extra money. Even if it is the best product in the world, the perception of my coaching would change if I was pushing a product or supplement along with it. At least I know I would feel that way if someone were doing it to me. That would lower the value of my coaching and my brand, and I've spent a lot of time building trust in that. The results speak for themselves.

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