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Is coaching right for you? 5 things to consider with regards to fat loss.


I'm going to let everyone in on a little secret. Almost anyone can make a food plan for fat loss. Most can also make a training plan. So isn't that all I do? I should just write one of those, send it over, and you're all set. Follow it and boom, you're lean and ready for summer. Not quite...

1. Fat loss is not linear. As much as we want it, fat loss is simply not a linear process. There will be setbacks and metabolic stalls and unforeseen issues. These are all part of the process and will eventually help you become better at knowing your body and maintaining your fat loss in the future. A good coach understands the body’s biofeedback and metabolic adaptations during the fat loss process. They are there to help troubleshoot and guide you through to that next level. A great coach knows how to keep your metabolism healthy and responsive through to your goal and beyond.

2. Fat loss is never going to be fast enough. Think about how long it took to gain the weight you may want to lose. Should 10 years be gone in 10 days? I'm not saying it will take 10 years to lose it, but it was a lifestyle that added those pounds. A lifestyle change is needed to lose them. These do not come easily and old habits are hard to break. Change is challenging. Fat loss is mental, 100% because the body follows the mind. A coach provides support to help you form new habits that are sustainable for life.

3. As fast as possible, but not faster. I like the saying "As fast as possible, but not faster." Think about fad diets and quick fixes, pills, potions, and supplements. They exist primarily on the hope that there is a miracle solution that is faster and easier, basically a shortcut past hard work. Ask people who have successfully lost significant fat and maintained that loss. They will tell you about their hard work, learning, challenges and determination, and that shortcuts simply do not work long term. A good coach knows that shortcuts don't work, can actually backfire, and will not try to tie you to a specific supplement, program, or even to themselves. They want you to learn to be self-sufficient and ready to navigate the world of confusing diet scams, misinformation, and advertising.

4. That which gets measured gets improved. Accountability is proven to be a key factor in success on a fat loss program. Whether that be accountability to friends, family, spouse, kids, a coach, or all of the above, tracking your progress and being accountable for your goals will more often help you reach the finish line.

5. You are a unique snowflake. This is meant to be a joke, but not really. Aside from differences in biometrics (height, age, gender, etc), each person has their own likes/dislikes when it comes to food and activity. There are also food sensitivities, allergies, specific health concerns, injuries, goals, fitness experience, schedule, lifestyle, equipment availability, and the list goes on. A coach can take all these individual nuances into account and create a fully customized plan specifically for you.

Working with a coach is about using their unique experience and ability to diagnose issues that will crop up. They are there to guide you. They work hard and provide tools to help you reach your goals. Using those tools and putting in the work to reach those goals is up to you. It’s not easy, but true change happens outside of your comfort zone.


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