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You are the Expert

"Something I’ve always told my new training clients: ‘You are the world’s foremost expert on you. Training isn’t something I do to you, it’s something I do with you and for you. The more feedback you give me, the more I can help you.'" - Nick Tumminello I love this quote because it's exactly how I feel about coaching my nutrition clients. You are the expert on you, and I am the expert on helping you. I am someone with experience and knowledge that you have in your corner, a guide to walk with you in your journey so that it's the healthiest and most enjoyable possible. And each journey is entirely wonderfully unique, because you are! I just want to take this moment to thank and appreciate all of my amazing past and current clients for putting their trust in themselves and me, and achieving what they may have never thought possible. 📸 This photo is with one of my first clients, Leslie, who I just heard from recently. She's a strong, healthy, cancer survivor who is still doing amazing. 💕

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