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So how did you all do over Thanksgiving weekend? Feeling a bit of a vacation hangover? Coming back from vacation is harder than actually being on vacation! I always warn clients that it will be difficult to return and get immediately back to business. 💡 It's challenging to just flip a switch from vacation mode back to work mode and the same goes for our nutrition and fat loss goals. But as with many things in life, motivation is not required and is actually not recommended as the sole inspiration to continue on our journey. Just like in your job you probably have your ups and downs, right? 🎢 I’m sure you aren’t motivated to go into work all the time and you may have bad days, but you keep going anyway because you like the result: a paycheck, a happy client, a raise, a good experience, seeing your friends at the office, etc. ⏩ Again, it's the same for nutrition. It is something that we must do every day that may not be the most motivating or exciting, but the end result is amazing! Health, vibrancy, living longer, looking and feeling fitter, more confidence, etc. 💪 Those types of things cannot be purchased with money. Their currency is dedication and grit and when we reach inward and find that is when we get to experience all those wonderful benefits. :-)

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