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How to workout on Thanksgiving!


This is important so read up!

I want you all doing this workout on Thanksgiving!

Haha, really, though. Do not skip this meal. Do not bring your own food to this meal.

Enjoy this time and this meal with your family and friends without reservation or guilt!

My recommendation is always the same for Thanksgiving. You can save up for it if you want, but one meal is not going to "ruin your diet."

Thanksgiving is, after all, just ONE meal. It's when it turns into 4 day weekend of snacking and overeating with the "I'll get back to it on Monday" mentality that it gets bad.

If you REALLY are concerned and want to watch it then fill up on white meat turkey and mashed potatoes first! Put gravy on it if you like it; gravy is actually fairly low cal and you can't have Thanksgiving without a gravy volcano. :-D

This will stuff you with satiating protein and potatoes and you will hardly have room for anything else, haha.

Btw fun fact: white potatoes have been found to be one of the most satiating foods. They are also one of the most volumous per calorie AND are very high in potassium which is an important mineral and electrolyte that most of us don't get nearly enough of.

Oh, and eat dessert. :-) No guilt.

Eat the meal and then get back to your normal.

Safe travels, everyone, and Happy Thanksgiving!

-Credit to Dean Somerset for the awesome infographic about how to work out on Thanksgiving! Too funny!

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