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How Does My Business Work?


I bring clients in, coach them to their goals, and then they fly the nest with the hope that they never return. Seems like a poor business model. Right? Shouldn't I be making them dependent on me so they keep coming back? Wouldn't it make more sense to sell products that must be used forever in order to not gain back the weight? Or use a plan that doesn't teach the client anything about how to function in the real world? This is why the fitness and weight loss industry is filled with so many scams and charlatans. It is easy to sell hope to people desperate for a solution. To be honest, those scams make the most money! But, two things: I like to sleep at night and I like helping people. I truly hope with every client that they learn how to survive out there in this modern food jungle and be their happiest and healthiest self. Forever. You'll notice that I don't sell shakes or pills. I sell real and permanent fitness solutions to people with real world busy lives. Why do I do it then? This model works for me only because my coaching works for my clients. They spread the word about their results and experience to their friends and family and in turn I get to help more people. And let's face it, we can all use some help at some point to help sift through the nonsense and to guide us using a proven system that saves time and effort. There is no shame in having a coach. Most of the highest performing athletes and CEOs in the world have coaches. I'll toot my own horn here. I think I'm pretty good at what I do or else I wouldn't put my entire trust in this type of business model. So go ahead, give me a shot. :-)

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