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91,000 Calories

91,000 calories. That sounds like a huge number. I was just celebrating with a client that is down 26 lbs and I calculated that is 91,000 extra calories she didn't eat. She obviously did not do that all at once, but rather it was several tiny decisions done each day over the last 16 weeks. On January 26th she chose to use a lower calorie dressing and saved 100 calories. On February 4th she chose to use a light spray of oil while making dinner instead of pouring it in which saved 200 calories. On January 9th she chose to skip the vending machine even though she was hungry and saved 200 calories. On Feburary 20th she chose to stop, think, and realize she was just bored and not actually hungry, drank tea, and saved 300 calories over eating ice cream. Her CL Strength Nutrition plan helped her make these small decisions, swaps, and modifications to her previous habits. One step at a time she saved 91,000 calories and earned 26 lbs of weight loss. And now she wants 26 lbs more. :-)

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