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Getting Lost

Remember going to a new city (before we all had GPS phones)? 🗺 You stick around your neighborhood or hotel at first, but as you venture out further you’re bound to get lost. 😵 At the time it is stressful and frustrating, but later when you’re in the same area you remember you’ve been there before and all you need to do to get back to the freeway is take a couple right turns at the next block. 🚦 This is what the fat loss process is like. When we first start out, we make mistakes and may get lost. But this forces us to learn how to handle difficult situations. It may be frustrating at first, but if we remember what we did last time we learn what to do to prevent getting lost next time. ➡ Falling off track on your fat loss plan is not a failure just like getting lost is not a failure. You learn each time it happens and if you keep venturing out there, you're soon navigating like a pro. :-)

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