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Protein Bar or "Protein Bar"?

Protein bar or "Protein bar"? Bars are easy and convenient, but are they actually protein bars? For those seeking fat loss, protein is an important part of the equation. More companies are recognizing the desire of the masses to get more protein in more convenient ways. Understandable, since most people don't want to carry chicken breast around in their pocket! Just go into the protein bar area in the grocery store now and it's huge! I went to Fred Meyer the other day and there had to be at least 20 different brands and most had multiple varieties and flavors. But what makes a protein bar a protein bar? There are so many bars out there we often assume they have protein. Sometimes they even say "High protein" on the box... But did you check the label? For me, I would consider a bar a "protein bar" when a majority of the bar is actually protein. Seems logical, doesn't it?

As you can see in the table, many bars are not what I would consider a Protein Bar. Not saying they are bad or unhealthy, but I feel the labels are often misleading. Nature Valley Protein Bar being the worst offender in this group. That should simply be called a Fat Bar, but that is bad marketing and doesn't sound healthy. Premier and Quest (or the Kirkland knock off) are some that I often recommend. Another good option for lower calorie is the chicken flavors of Epic Bars and ThinkThin has many options some of them being friendly to vegans or dairy free. In reality, most bars are more of a meal replacement than anything. If that's what you are after, then great. But if you are after a higher protein source, then check the label carefully despite what the claims on the front may say.

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